Sol-Tac Astro

Sol-Tac Astro

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Sol-Tac’s Description:

Introducing the 450 lumen Astro! This OSRAM LED packs a real punch! 

Astro EDC

  • Color : Black

  • Hard-anodized 6061 aluminum

  • Custom knurling

  • Osram high power de-domed LED

  • 450lm output

  • 2.5 hours runtime

  • (1) AA battery included (Standard option)

  • (1) 14500 battery & charger included (Rechargeable option)

  • Sturdy pocket clip included

  • Switch Type: Reverse

  • Reflector type: orange peel

  • Lens : standard glass


Sol-Tac’s Astro

The Astro flashlight is super bright for a single AA battery pocket light. This one we are excited about!

It is equipped with triple fuel technology. The Astro can utilize (1) AA alkaline, (1) 14500 Li-Ion rechargeable, or (1) 14505 Lithium Primary battery.

Fits in your pocket perfectly, and sports a reversible pocket clip.

It measures in at 21mm(D) x 93mm(L)

Installed inside is a powerful 6500k Osram LED that packs a big punch at 250 lumens with a AA and over 450 lumens using a 14500 lithium ion rechargeable.

Comes with black O-ring but add a Glow in the Dark O-ring to add style!

Using a fully charged, quality AA battery the continuous runtime is approximately 2 hours.

The Astro operates with a single mode ON/OFF. Equipped with a standard reverse clicky switch and black switch boot.

This EDC (every day carry) flashlight fits in your hand and pocket just perfect and takes standard cell batteries, what more can you ask for?

(NOTE: Scott here. This model has become the favorite GG staff pocket EDC/work light.  So bright that it'll surprise you at first! Made in USA!)