OKKO Cocaine Compressor /Preamp /Boost Pedal

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The OKKO Cocaine is the latest addition to the fabulous and iconic OKKO line of effects pedals hand built in Germany.  This versatile tone sweetener allows the used to dial-up a combination of compression, EQ, and clean boost.  Versatile and appropriate for any instrument with a pickup, including but not limited to electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass.  

OKKO Says:

The Cocaine features the same optical compressor circuit as its little two-knob brother, the much beloved OKKO Coca Compressor, but offers a lot more controls and tone-shaping features.

The compression is controlled by two knobs. They do pretty much what their labels say:
SUSTAIN adds nothing but clean undistorted sustain to your tone.
SQUASH goes from subtle tone-enhancing to a more pronounced compression effect, but even at full tilt it will preserve the attack of your instrument and keep its character.

VOLUME allows for a clean boost, unity gain is around 12 o’clock.

BASS and TREBLE are active (cut/boost style) controls for an effective tone shaping.

The BOOST knob controls an entirely independent circuit, activated by its own footswitch, just like another pedal in the same box. It’s located after the compressor in the signal chain so you can set the comp and EQ for your base tone and hit the boost switch for solos (or the other vice versa) . The BOOST knob is something special. Its neutral setting is at 12 o’clock. Turn it to the right for a full-range clean boost or to the left for a lead boost with tighter bass and pronounced mids.

The COCAINE is not only a transparent, natural sounding and exceptionally quiet optical compressor, it also serves as a preamp, active equalizer and dual clean boost.
Whatever you plug in – electrical guitar or bass, piezo-equipped acoustic guitar (or any other stringed instrument) – the Cocaine will make it sound more balanced, sit better in the mix and generally just... better :-)
When you hear it with your setup you'll be hooked.

Like most of the Okko pedals, the COCAINE features an internal voltage doubler for increased headroom and superior dynamic performance.