Hotone Mojo Diamond Nano Legacy 5 Watt Guitar Amplifier

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We were very impressed with the Hotone Nano Amplifiers at the 2016 NAMM show and now carry the full line.  The Mojo Diamond model features a great clean sound and when pushed, will start overdriving slightly in a similar fashion to the vintage tweed amps of yesteryear.  If you want the cleanest tone, this is the Hotone Nano model for you.

Most of our customers are using it with a guitar cabinet, others use the headphone output and use it primarily for travel. You can even plug your phone, laptop, or IPod into the auxiliary input to jam along with your favorite tunes, either through headphones or through a cabinet.  The optional Hotone Nano cabinet is available through our site and stores as well.  The well-designed effects loop can even be used as a pre-amp out signal for quiet stage needs like worship bands.

Power supply is included.

Hotone say:

Mojo Diamond is the newest member of the Nano line.
It is a 5w Class AB guitar amplifier head inspired by legendary Fender Tweed*.
Like the original Tweeds, Mojo Diamond has a tiny body and loud, sweet sound.
With the 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain control, you can easily create some shining sound that makes you stand
out from others everywhere!


✪ Sound inspired by Legendary Fender Tweed*
✪ Extremely compact configuration for portability
✪ High quality tone with Volume and Gain controls
✪ 3 Band EQ controls for shaping your tone
✪ Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances (4-16Ω)
✪ FX LOOP for using external effects
✪ Headphone output jack is very convenient for practicing and recording
✪ Aux In jack can let you play with an external music player
✪ 18V DC power supply (Adapter included)
✪ Power Output: 5 Watts
✪ Dimensions: 128mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 59.5mm (H)
✪ Weight: 440 g

*Fender Tweed is an amplifier model of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The mentioned manufacturer and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners. The trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character of this product.