New BigTfx Vintage Overdrive Pedal, Staff Favorite

New BigTfx Vintage Overdrive Pedal, Staff Favorite

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The BigTfx Vintage Overdrive is now our best selling overdrive pedal.  It adds rich, warm gain without masking your guitars tone.  The "Fat" switch provides a simple low-mid boost when you need it. Here is how it came about.

We have sold hundreds of Tube Screamer, reissues, mods, and TS clones over the years, and there is no doubt the sound is classic.  Unfortunately, when we would run across quality control issues (including some that arrived DOA), we had poor support from some of the original manufactures. We asked our pedal tech to take a look at a couple of them and he found numerous cold solder joints and a few other areas that could improve the durability.  So we decided not to make a better built, better sounding pedal, but to make a best built, best sounding TS style pedal.  One that we felt confident in. 

Over a six month period, we acquired all the overdrive pedals we could get our hands on and listened to them as a team.  After the 7th prototype, we had a pedal, that in our opinion, could not be improved upon as a TS style overdrive pedal.


  • Gain, volume, tone, and fat switch controls 
  • Incredibly warm tone
  • Excellent definition and clarity
  • Accurately simulates vintage power tube distortion/overdrive
  • Versatile gain level control, from lightest edge to classic rock
  • Fat switch creates easy transitions when you switch from humbuckers to singlecoils
  • Five year warranty, in store repair service for fast turnaround 
  • True bypass circuit
  • Powered with 9v battery or via power supply with standard connection
  • Hand-built in Pelham Alabama by Truman Fancher
  • Custom paint and graphics
  • Sturdy metal input and output jacks

We invite you to come listen to this awesome pedal.  Many who have heard it bought one, some bought two.  :)