JJ's Gorgomyte Fret Polish

JJ's Gorgomyte Fret Polish

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We love this stuff!  So here is the scoop...

 You cut the treated cloth into small patches (we use about 2"x2" squares).  Use one patch per treatment.  Apply treatment to fretboard and frets and allow a minute or two for the funk to breakdown.  Then using moderate pressure, polish the frets and fretboard.  Follow up with a dry polish cloth to remove all the residue.   Used by the leading guitar techs, Nash Guitars, and The Guitar Gallery staff.

From JJ: 

The frets and fingerboard of your guitar get more hands on use, and often abuse, than any other area of the instrument. The fine wood gets gummed up with finger oils and dirt. The frets collect these impurities too, making them dull and less than smooth. Why then is this the one area we tend to neglect when it's clean up time? The reason is that it has always been a messy, delicate and time consuming job. Getting the wood back to it's original luster and the frets shining meant using potentially damaging and abrasive products like steel wool. Turn an hour long task into just a few minutes and get results you never thought possible with Gorgomyte.
                                                  You WILL be amazed.