Fender Pro Amp 1962 Brown Tolex

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You are viewing a preowned 1962 Fender Pro Amp in brown tolex.

When we acquired this amp the tolex was spray painted black, the output transformer and choke were bad and the speaker was blown.

We removed the paint from the tolex, replaced the transformers with new Mercury transformers and had the speaker re-coned. The amp tech also replaced several capacitors and installed a new grounded 3 prong cable.

The amp sounds great with strong output and wonderful tremolo.

Quoted from another listing- "The Pro boasts Fender's unique "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit, and this complex design was Fender's only true pitch-shifting vibrato offered in an amp. Swampy, thick, and very Leslie-esque, it's a three-dimensional, full-bodied tone unlike any other Fender."

Everything is original to the amp except what has been mentioned as replaced.

What's been replaced:

output transformer

choke transformer

Newly re-coned speaker (not sure if speaker is original to amp- but old)

several capacitors

power cable

This amp will make a great addition to your collection.