Pre-Owned Skreddy Pedals Dynamic Mids Enhancer

Pre-Owned Skreddy Pedals Dynamic Mids Enhancer

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Skreddy Pedals Descriptions:

The Skreddy Pedals™ Dynamic Mids Enhancersweetens, expands, optimizes, and focuses your guitar tone; it restores lost dynamics and detail while bringing your desired midrange frequencies forward in the mix.

The noise floor stays flat (virtually zero self-noise) but signal peaks are multiplied, giving you more cut, more chime, more punch, and more clarity--perfect for solo boosts or whenever you want to spotlight your playing.

Amazing clean boost, but also works wonders stacked with dirt.  Best used AFTER your overdrive or fuzz pedals.

This high input impedance, ultra-clean circuit minimizes signal adulteration and boasts amazing transparency.